Mariette Dutilh in audio perfomance about Rotterdam

75 years ago, in 1941, Rotterdam started the reconstruction of the citycentre, after being bombed during WWII.

To commemorate this event, Verhalenhuis Belvédère in Rotterdam Katendrecht, the first museum of immaterial heritage, recorded 101 personal histories of people of Rotterdam. One of these stories is told by Mariette Dutilh, born in Rotterdam on the 8th of May in 1945 – the day the Canadians liberated the city. She shares the memories of her life in the city.

The most emotional, funny, special and intense moments of her and all the other personal histories have been selected for 4 special audio perfomances. Part 2 – starring Mariette Dutilh and 22 other narrators – will be played Sunday July 10th in Staal, WTC building, Beursplein 33 Rotterdam, at 16.00 and at 19.00. It lasts one hour. Entrance is free.

You are most welcome to join and listen to these voices of the city on a unique location. Please make a reservation via

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