Video-message by Hendrik Dutilh

Hendrik Dutilh, born in Izmir (Turkey) in 1929, is the eldest living male Dutilh, descending from the Clairac Dutilh-family. He still lives in Izmir, where he has been running various businesses in the field of shipping and tourism, first together with his father Ernest Dutilh and, after his death in 1965, together with his younger brother Karel Dutilh. Like his father, Hendrik has been consul for the Netherlands in Izmir, between 1960 and 1995. Karel held that position between 1995 and 2013, the year in which he died during his holiday in France. In 2000 the Dutilh brothers sold their enterprise, Dutilh shipping and tourism Ltd, to continue their operations on a smaller scale as Dutilh shipping and tourism İNC. That company was sold in 2012.

For the occasion of the family-gathering in Clairac, Hendrik has prepared a video in which he thanks the mayor of Clairac and his fellow citizens for their hospitality and for their warm welcome to the family-members.

Hendrik memorizes Pierre Dutilh and his nephew Jacques, who left Clairac in 1692 and 1717 respectively for Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Jean Jacques Dutilh, grandson of Pierre and born in Amsterdam in 1762, left that city in 1786 to settle in Smyrna (Turkey). His descendants have been living in Smyrna/Izmir until the present day, with Hendrik being the last living male descendant left. All these Dutilh’s were businessmen, trading with Europe, and in particular with The Netherlands.

Hendrik regrets that due to his age, and because of the long distance between Izmir and Clairac, he cannot be present at the family-reunion.

As the patriarch of the family, he wishes all participants a wonderful event.

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