This is the website of the Dutilh Family Foundation

The Dutilh family originates from Aquitaine, the French Region located in the South West of the country, in particular from places like Bearn and Orthez. Until to date this is the region where most Dutilh’s are living.

The Dutch Dutilh family descends from Clairac, the city which its ancestors left in around 1700. At present around ninety descendants live around the world, but most of them still live in The Netherlands, with a large number in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

In 1962 the Dutch family established the Dutilh Family Foundation, with three main objectives:

  1. Maintain and support the interaction between members of the family
  2. Stimulate collection and preservation of family heritage
  3. Create a better understanding of the family history

This website is one of the tools to achieve those objectives.


Dutilhiteiten 2021

Dutilhiteiten 2020

Dutilhiteiten 2019

For an anxious moment, it was uncertain whether a Dutilhiteiten volume 51 would ever see the light, given that Editor in Chief Chris presented his final masterpiece in 2018. But keep calm! The board has ensured that a new volume sees the light. Dutilhiteiten carries on…

Dutilhiteiten 2018

On January 1st 2018 the 50th edition of the family-magazine Dutilhiteiten was issued. This volume contains among others a report on the family-gathering in Clairac, held in July 2017.


Michiel Dutilh in the Concertgebouw

On Sunday September 28th at 14.15 Michiel Dutilh will play the piano in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. For more information.

Dutilh descendants meet in Philadelphia

Between 25 and 27 July 2014, 25 descendants of Eitenne Dutilh (1751-1810) and his brother Jean (1756-1804) gathered in Philadelphia, the city where Etienne and Jean arrived in 1783 coming from Clairac in France. Also present were 6 descendants of Jacques Dutilh (1692-1746), uncle of Etienne and Jean who left Clairac in 1718 to start a life as wine merchant in Rotterdam.

For the occasion a special issue of the Dutilhities magazine has been issued (Volume 46, issue 2).

Dutilh descendants unite in Philadelphia

Descendants of Etienne Dutilh (1751-1810) and his brother Jean (1756-1804), gathered in Philadelphia between July 25 and 27 2014. Also present were members of the Dutilh-family in the Netherlands, which descends from Jacques Dutilh (1692-1746), uncle of Etienne and Jean, who moved in 1718 to Rotterdam from Clairac. A report on this event will be published in the next issue of Dutilhiteiten, which will appear on January 1st 2015.

A special issue of the Dutilhities was issued for the occasion of the gathering. A copy of that document can be viewed.

Featured Portrait

Maria Catharine Dutilh-Carlen (1715-1776). More portraits in the Portrait Gallery.