This is the website of the Dutilh Family Foundation

The Dutilh family originates from Aquitaine, the French Region located in the South West of the country, in particular from places like Bearn and Orthez. Until to date this is the region where most Dutilh’s are living.

The Dutch Dutilh family descends from Clairac, the city which its ancestors left in around 1700. At present around ninety descendants live around the world, but most of them still live in The Netherlands, with a large number in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

In 1962 the Dutch family established the Dutilh Family Foundation, with three main objectives:

  1. Maintain and support the interaction between members of the family
  2. Stimulate collection and preservation of family heritage
  3. Create a better understanding of the family history

This website is one of the tools to achieve those objectives.


Dutilhiteiten 2024

Dutilhiteiten 2023

Dutilhiteiten 2022

Dutilhiteiten 2021

This edition is also available as an English translation.

Dutilhiteiten 2020


Dutilh-family covered once again in the Nederland’s Patriciaat

The 94th edition of the Nederland’s Patriciaat, which has been issued by the end of 2015 by the Dutch Bureau for Genealogy (CBG) in The Hague, includes an extensive description of the Dutilh-family, starting with Moïse Dutilh, born in 1575 in Clairac, France. Three and four generations later descendants left Clairac and settled in The Netherlands. Since then, the family has spread over the world, with a majotiry of male descendants still living in The Netherlands. Read more

Dutilh-family will be gathering in Clairac, July 2017

Descendants of the Dutilh-family in Clairac will be gathering in that town in July 2017. Plans for that event, which will take place from Friday 21 until Sunday 23 July, are being developed. Enthousiastic responses are being received, not only from the family in The Netherlands, but also from other places in the world. It promises to become an exciting event. People related to the Dutilh-family in Clairac can contact us via chris at dutilh.com, where also additional information can be obtained.

music for new film by Sebastiaan Dutilh

The music for the new film Bike, which will be presented in Utrecht on July 2nd 2015, has been put together by Sebastiaan Dutilh. For a preview click here.

Featured Portrait

Maria Catharine Dutilh-Carlen (1715-1776). More portraits in the Portrait Gallery.